Founded in 2012, Sisters United, LLC is a for profit business designed to promote a fun and trendy global brand of fashion, while at the same time, supporting certain non-profit causes, like Pros for Africa  and St. Monica’s Girls Tailoring School in Gulu, Uganda.

Rachelle Whitten and Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe at the launch of the Sisters United line of purses.

Being moved by the plight of the many innocent children and young women who were left in the aftermath of the long war in Uganda, and having seen the children after visiting Gulu, Uganda, it became our mission to unite together and become “Sisters United” reaching across to Africa and “empowering woman one stitch at a time.”

Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) caused thousands to lose their lives and many more to suffer homelessness and a loss of hope and dignity.

These woman and children want sustainable, long term initiatives to become empowered to earn their own living and restore their dignity.

Sisters United distributes the handbags and goods made by the young women of Uganda and South Sudan, giving them jobs, hope and a chance to live meaningful lives with dignity.



The scars are still there but together we are stitching a future of hope and dignity.

Products distributed by Sisters United include pop tab handbags, all handmade by the young woman of one of the three schools in Africa; one in Gulu, Uganda; Atiak, Uganda and a third school in the process of being built in Torit, South Sudan. These schools are operated and led by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, a 2007 CNN Heroes Award Winner.

The young women who make Sisters United products are hand picked and supervised by Sister Rosemary.

Our mission is to provide these young women with a market for their hard work. Sisters United provides the materials so that these young women can make pop tab handbags, and a means to market their merchandise and earn a hand up, not a hand out. Sister Rosemary personally inspects each product for quality control and to insure that these young women have the ability to earn a living that gives them respect and dignity.

Sisters United Handbags are in association with Pros for Africa.
For more information about our Mission, go to http://www.prosforafrica.com.